Namtar Enzigall - Magician, Necromancer, Demonologist, Adept of Death and Infernal Rings, participant 16 season of the show "Battle of psychics" on the "TNT" (Russia). Grand Master of the Union magicians, occultists and esoteric "Ordo Caput Mortuum" ("Order of the Death's Head").

Based on birth data and fragments of memory of previous incarnations in this world Namtar Enzigall from an early age, he began to study magic, drawing on information from all possible sources, from ordinary libraries to closed Internet resources, to organize and expand their knowledge.

Closely involved in improving their magic art since 2003.

Took a course in the Order of the Keepers of Death (2005-2006), Received the status of an Adept, but then left the order, preferring individual practice (since 2006. At present). At the moment, the relationship with the existing adepts OKD no.

Namtar Enzigall is the author of several research articles on Magic and Demonology of the course, the leading author of the project network "Namtarism" (2011-2012.), As well as one of the sponsors of the draft "Last Side" (2012-2013.).

Gained wide popularity through its participation in the 16th season of the TV project "Battle of the Psychics" with "TNT" (Russia), which entered the top four parties of the season (2015.).

Currently leads the individual practice in Rostov-on-Don (Russia), and also organizes seminars and consultations in the Russian regions. In addition to individual activities Namtar Enzigall is the founder, coordinator and head of the Union of magicians, occultists and esoteric "Ordo Caput Mortuum" ( "Order of the Death's Head"), which has offices in several cities in Russia and abroad.

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