"The world is illusory. Create your own illusion, and it will become a reality"

/ Namtar Enzigall /


Magician, Necromancer, Demonologist, Adept of Death and Infernal Rings, participant of  "Battle of psychics" on the "TNT"(Russia). Grand Master of the Union magicians, occultists and esoteric "Ordo Caput Mortuum" ("Order of the Death's Head")


╬ Conducting personal tricks and advice in the field of psychic, occult and esoteric:
► Diagnosis of the causes of the problems and their solutions;
► Address issues of interpersonal relationships;
► The impact on the mental and physical state of the object from a photograph;
► Blocking and removal of third-party influences;
► Cooperation with non-physical objects and beings, mediumistic practice, and invocation practice;
► Working with primary energy as the created world (six Elements and channels of the Major Arcana) and unmanifested (lower worlds Abyss, Chaos);
► Dealing with situations - creating the most favorable conditions for the solution of your problem (applies to all spheres of life);


Create artefacts (amulets, talismans), changing the reality in the area of ​​their action.


Distance learning magic and necromancy.


╬ Conducting seminars in the regions.


Current contact information provided in this block.

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