Registration for personal consultation (for individuals) and acceptance of proposals for seminars in your city (from the organizers) is carried out by phone +7 (928) 77 13 999 and e-mail:

Personal consultations in Rostov-on-Don

Are held regularly, except for the days of events in other cities

Possible departure to the region by prior agreement

► Diagnosis of personality, relationships, cause-effect relationships, the presence of magical effects, etc.;
► Ritual practice in matters of personal development, business, finances, relationships, protection from other people's influences and taking countermeasures (attacking rituals against the opponent), starting with trivial privorotov and ending with transactions for the right to own a soul;

► Manufacturing of amulets;

► Manufacturing of magic attributes for independent work;

► Work on energy stabilization of people and premises (cleaning);

► Monetary magic: promotion and maintenance of business, elimination of competitors, protection from outside influences;

► Love magic: all kinds of impact;

► Curses: application, removal;

► Binding of entities (deceased, demon, etc.) to solve problematic issues;

► Work with entities (deceased, demons, sub-populations, etc.), incl. Exorcism;

► Work on the photo.


Pre-entry by phone: +7 (928) 77 13 999 or e-mail:

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