School of magic

The selection of candidates for distance learning of Magic is held regularly.

The School of Magic "Ordo Caput Mortuum", led by Namtar Enzigal, is a training center dedicated to the study of modern psychology, the development and management of the internal and mental energy of man, the occult knowledge of the present and the past. Here you can learn to manage life processes, develop the skills of protection and attack, so necessary in modern society, rejuvenate the body, manage and correct the future through the energy of the subconscious. Learning the magic of each person is possible and really feasible.

Each student receives a weekly lesson, which contains a guide to practical exercises and theory. At the service of each student is a private chat where collective material discussions take place and general questions are asked.


The training program consists of three basic courses designed to develop basic magical skills without immersion in any one sphere, and an additional one, designed specifically for those wishing to learn Necromancy.

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The first course (10 lessons) is designed to understand the common terminology, to get acquainted with the theoretical questions of Magic, the mastering of the fundamental principles. The course is designed to learn the common terminology of students, to understand them the theory of magic operations, to get acquainted with the models of the surrounding reality used in Magic. In the first course, developed basic skills, such as concentrating and stopping the internal dialogue.

The second course (10 lessons) includes the practice of forming psychological attitudes, life styles and changes (transformations) of one's own organism for successful studies by Magia. This course is entirely aimed at the fulfillment by the students of the transformation that is realized on the Astral Plane and is projected onto the physical plane in the form of certain changes. In the second course, considered various methods of Astral Projection, skills of their application are developed. So far simple, but completely magical tasks are being solved.

The third course (10 lessons) includes methods for developing the necessary abilities of the Magician and obtaining certain properties of consciousness. Their range is wide enough - from elementary psychic abilities to healing and methods of working with life force. Here you can learn how to work with frames and pendulums, how to get true names, how to make magical volts, how to create amulets and talismans, and how to find allies in magic.


These three courses are basic. After them, the student can leave the School or choose a further program: Necromancy or Demonology (or both, in turn, because they are not mutually exclusive).

The course of Necromancy (10 lessons) is a portal to the Element of Death. Here, the students acquire the basics of knowledge of Necromancy, the entrances to the Necromancy for the elements are given. Students themselves create magical artifacts and objects of Power for some Elements. Considered interesting areas of the space of Elements, practiced the movement of the elements. In this course, the traditional qualification work of the Necromancer is performed - the creation of the Death Wand. At the end of the course, the final exam is conducted.

Especially for the graduates of the first 4 courses, an additional program on in-depth study of the Magic of Death was written. This course is designed for 9 months, consists of 9 lectures, including theory and practical classes on the development of magical abilities. Available ONLY to graduates who have completed a basic program of 40 lessons.

1 lesson - tuning to the Ancestral Rings, interacting through VouDoo and the cemetery, the Angel of Death.

2 lesson - management of elements and objects through meditative practices, the fundamentals of healing, OS.

3 lesson - Worlds of Death, interaction through the personal Angel of Death, psi-pumping, Body of the Beast.

4 lesson - "lifting" the cemetery, the fence of power.

5 lesson - The World of the Abyss, Feast of the Ancestors, resting through the "body of the comforter", necro-code.

6th lesson - mirrored worlds, mirror magic, projection into the world of Lucifer.

7 lesson - exposure through shadows, pumping your own shadow, stalking.

8 lesson - pumping the body of the Beast.

9 a lesson - the disclosure of the nature of Lucifer, lunar practices.

The training for this program is structured as follows:

- On the 13th and the 15th of every month the distribution of classes.

- After 5-7 days (18-22 days) the reception of your questions and answers to them.

- The remaining time - to study the practices and your answers to the tasks.


The Applications for training and questions regarding it are accepted by e-mail